A worldwide pandemic occurred, also known as the Plandemic. The vaccines held no long-term studies, and the people became the test subjects.
The miniseries began in 2022 and will end with 101 articles
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky series: Does Zelensky support the New World Order? Is Zelensky a bad actor? Has Zelensky extorted the Biden…
A dance with fate from a freak accident has yielded a broken rib, new site updates, and recent surgery on my right foot that should heal within the next…
Article and Video: Former Scorpions Bass player, co-producer of Gangland, producer and actor, also reveals attending snuff parties.
GOP Series: Posted are the alleged attendees from the Republican Governors Association, who meet with Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla during a private…
Short Video: The Elite and controllers have always quashed valuable technology for its citizens.
Here is an important thread to follow regarding the Coup attempt.
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